Minimalist Living: Why Less is More

Minimalist living is becoming all the rage. Marie Kondo and her new Netflix show are taking over pop culture. Yet, you might still be wondering, how can minimalist living be incorporated into home décor? How can I still make my space feel full with less? Keep reading to discover the wonders of minimalist living, and why less is ultimately more!

Minimalist style

When you hear minimalism, you probably think “nothing,” but that’s not necessarily true. Creating a home or office space that has a minimalist style takes some thought. The goal is to use fewer items to create the warm and inviting feel that you’re going for rather than a cold environment. Minimalist style includes these elements and allows you to create more space by doing the following:

  1. Less clutter. You can probably think of a house of either a neighbor, friend or family member that is absolutely overcome with clutter. Either they just have too much stuff, or they love to decorate so much that they couldn’t narrow down what they actually wanted in their home. For your minimalist décor, you’ll need to majorly cut down on clutter to transition to this style. Take away anything you don’t absolutely need and utilize storage benches, bookcases with boxes and bins, and trunks to store items out of sight that you might still need but don’t want everyone else to see. 
  2. Quality. With minimalism, you’re only buying so many items for your space, so you want to make sure you’re buying quality items. When you’re buying numerous items, they can range in price. Some can be nicer, and some can be cheaper. However, with minimalism, it’s much easier to tell when you opted for the inexpensive choices because there’s so little in the room. Be sure to invest in the quality items because that’s where the eye will go. 
  3. Nature. Nature is a great way to keep your space feeling full and fresh but not cluttered. Incorporating plants and florals into your space and greenery will help you improve your space without fail each and every time. 
  4. Neutrals. Part of the minimalist mantra is going simple. Brighter colors and patterns are overwhelming. Stick to a neutral palette to keep things calm, warm, and simple
  5. Textures. Since you’ll be going with neutral colors, try experimenting with different textures. This will give you the pop that you’ll want without overwhelming the space. Plus, it can also bring in the warmth that you desire with different blankets, curtains, couch textures or more. Don’t try too many at once but don’t be afraid to play around with it. 
  6. White space. Don’t shy away from white space! White space is your best friend in minimalism. If you’re trying to fill every single bit of wall space, then your room is going to be overwhelming to the eye from the get-go. White space will allow your existing décor the chance to stand out. 

The benefits of minimalism in home décor


Through the above elements, you can see how minimalist décor lends itself to efficiency. It allows you to pick out items you truly love and invest in fewer items overall. On top of that, after the decorating process is over, minimalist décor is also much easier to maintain. A minimalistic home is easier to clean because it doesn’t require you to move numerous items around to dust or vacuum. Keeping your décor to just the basics will help you see just how efficient minimalism is all around.

Creating more space with less

If you have a smaller space to work with, then the minimalistic style is absolutely for you. You likely already know the struggle that comes with trying to fit too much into a space. You can’t find anything, or you end up bumping into furniture that doesn’t have the right flow. Say good-bye to that frustration. Minimalism allows everything to be accessible and keeps you satisfied with what you have. Avoiding the excess of unnecessary details and accessories will allow you to do more with the space that you do have available to you.

Final thoughts

Overall, minimalism is a lifestyle that prompts you to live with less. Incorporating that into your home or office décor is one way to start including it in your daily life without even thinking. It helps you create more space with 6 simple elements and generates more efficiency with less effort on your part overall. So don’t wait! Start on your minimalistic journey today. Check out our collections !

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