Japanese & Scandinavian Style Fusion - Japandi: The New Trend of 2020

It was predictable that the two most loved Scandinavian (or as some like to call it Nordic) and Japanese styles started to combine into the new Japandi style. It celebrates and appreciates minimalism, cleanliness and simplicity. To understand it, let’s look at both styles in detail...
One can see Japanese culture and lifestyle showing through in home decor. Japanese homes are usually constrained in space, so everyone has to respect every square inch of their home. That’s why things that are multi-functional, convenient and aesthetically pleasant are very in demand. Clean lines and decluttered home is also an integral part of Japanese homes. Quality over quantity is a key.
Japanese’ love for aesthetics is embedded in their culture. They believe in the concept of Wabi-Sabi. If you had to describe this concept, you can think “perfectly imperfect”. Asymmetry, ruggedness, simplicity, modesty, and appreciation of nature are characteristic of Wabi-Sabi.
Scandinavian or Nordic style is all about light and breezy spaces, minimal yet elegant. Modern and simple furniture made of unfinished wood tends to be very prevalent. Minimalism dictates uncompromising desire to only keep things at your home that you really love and desire. Nonetheless, simple and non-distracting light fixtures and furniture allows you to carefully select modern art pieces that you absolutely love and adore. Stick with neutral and muted colors because it would make your place look more clean and spacious.
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Now it is quite easy to guess what are the trends of Japandi. By mixing Japanese appreciation for detail and authenticity and Nordic rugged but elegant minimalism we get the unique mixture that became favorite to so many people. 
Color pattern includes nude and muted colors, off whites, but unlike Nordic style, there is more freedom, so you can choose a splash of color to add your place some character. Don’t hesitate to add natural plants, they will brighten up your home and, hey, maybe help the environment. Plus, every living plant is unique and has its own character. 
Natural fabrics is where it’s at right now. Introduce brown earthy natural fabrics like linen, in your design to bring the cozy warm look to your house and add color if you wish. If you enjoy curtains, pick light colors with lots of texture to brighten up the place.
Keep it minimal and simple. Use natural wood furniture and focus on clean straight lines. Floor furniture gains popularity due to its functionality, minimalism and comfort. Just some floor cushions would cozy up the place. 
When it comes to art, explore your own personality and pick pieces that would bring up your uniqueness and charm.  
Japandi style combines the all-favorite minimalism and simplicity with Japanese appreciation for nature and uniqueness. The most characteristic features of this new style are natural fabrics, earthy colors, texture, unique art, lots of light and lots of plants. Remove clutter and utilize storage space in your home. And remember, quality over quantity. Pick a few art pieces that would reflect your own personality and individuality. 
Posted on October 9, 2019 by the Lussomo Team