7 Proven Ways for Modern Interior Design.

Natalie Simmons
Renowned fashion designer with a flair for the simplistic and unique style.

Does your apartment seem boring and poorly decorated? Do you want to find out how to introduce elegance into the living room or bedroom with only a few small tricks? Do you wonder if elegance and class must cost an arm and a leg? Absolutely not!

  Here are 7 ideas to help you achieve the desired effect.

1. Minimalistic interior design 

The starting point is minimalism. This doesn’t mean, however, that modern interiors aren’t cosy places. It is rather about order, perfectionism and expressive, devoid of unnecessary decorations, shape of the equipment. It is an ideal point of departure for searching for an individual style - elements that will combine the whole and give it its original character, because only in economical arrangements can you concentrate on the fancy form of furniture, original graphics or structure of upholstery.

Modern interiors are functional, tailored to the needs of their users. It means comfort, ergonomics and... less cleaning and more time for yourself. Instead of heavy curtains in windows - light roller blinds. Instead of open shelves – smooth, lacquered fronts.


2. Designer Decorations

If you want to achieve the effect of a designer interior, you mustn’t forget about appropriate decorations. Choose an original vase or a modern painting. Both elements will be the centrepiece of the interior design and will change it beyond recognition, regardless of whether it is a living room, bedroom or dining room. The hand-painted, ceramic vase shown in the first photo looks wonderful both with and without flowers and adds contrast to the omnipresent white . If such an accent is too expressive an element of interior design for you, look at the second of the photos presented here. This interesting accent of modernist and abstractive style can decorate both the living room and, for example, the hall or office.


To sum up, you don't have to change the arrangement of the whole apartment to get a designer effect. Don’t hesitate! Buy perfect home accents and accessories at a discount.

3. Classic colours


White and grey colours are timeless. Finely selected colours soothe the senses and bring calm. They can also be freely combined with other tones. Amaranth, violet or neon green details will fit perfectly into the idea of minimalist arrangement of modern interiors, but won’t disturb the impression of harmony and general order. What counts, however, is their deliberate, symmetrical arrangement.


4. Geometry

A minimalist interior must have a certain coherence. The idea of minimalism is inscribed in the clear, geometric division of space, and straight horizontal and vertical lines create an impression of order. Geometry often manifests itself when choosing furniture. Ideally, when pieces of furniture have shapes of cuboids and cubes. Bookshelves or large sofas, thanks to movable elements, can be easily adjusted to your needs, and their perfect dimensions make them look great in every arrangement.

When it comes to complementing the minimalist and postmodern look of our home, Nordic art, characterised by the ubiquitous geometry of figures and the composition of facial symmetry, fits perfectly here.

5. Never enough of open space!

The more free space in a modern interior, the better. Try to avoid partition walls and connect your kitchen with the living room, or bathroom with the bedroom. In the case of small flats, concealed doors is a perfect solution. Composed with a frame and a wall, they make flats look larger.

6. The art of moderation

Elegance is the art of subtraction. Surprisingly, luxurious interiors are not the ones decorated with splendour. The original artistry of the interior is evidenced by moderation and thought with which each element of decoration has been selected. Therefore, it is not quantity but quality that is of utmost importance here. Instead of a standard seating set such as sofa + two armchairs + bench, it is better to focus on one, but impressive piece of furniture paired with toned-down accessories in monochromatic colours of whitened greys or beige. It is worth remembering that if you focus your attention on one piece of furniture of a distinctive colour or form, it is worth to calm down its immediate surroundings – use toned-down colours and simplified forms. This will allow you to bring out the full artistry of your central piece of furniture, leaving the interior immersed in the aura of luxury, minimalism and elegance.

7.Nature at first

If the light from the outside naturally fills your interior, let it freely spill all over the place. Natural light entering through large windows builds the architecture of the interior, making it look different, more interesting and unique at any time of the day. The more natural light - the better. Try not to limit the inflow of daylight into the interior with heavy curtains. Choose net curtains - fogs made of natural materials (e.g. linen), which subtly let in sunlight without darkening the interior and losing your privacy at the same time.

                                                                   Do you want more?

The last, intriguing "halfway" to make the interior of your home look modern and original is to observe the current trends on the market and follow the novelties from the world of home, modernist fashion. If you want to be up to date with what is happening in the market of modern and minimalist architecture, follow us and join our Newsletter to receive discount vouchers and catalogues with new collections!

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