5 Ways to Transform Your Living Room on a Budget

As spring approaches, many of us feel the need to change things up around the house. Something about the promise of warmer temperatures and longer days inspires us to refresh our living spaces. The living room, the heart of the home, is a great place to start.

Transforming your living room may sound like a monumental task, but there are many subtle and inexpensive changes you can make that have a large impact. Here are five ways to refresh your living room that won’t break the bank and will have you ready for spring in no time.


nordic wall art style

Wall color has a big impact on the overall look and feel of a room. Different colors evoke different emotions; for instance, blue creates calm and yellow emotes happiness. To prepare your living room for Spring, we recommend opting for warm paint tones. Painting costs a few dollars and takes time, but it’s an excellent way to transform a room. To save money and time, consider painting an accent wall, rather than the entire room.

Refresh your sofa

sofa-minimalism style
As the focal point of the living room, the sofa deserves a little care and attention if you’re looking to transform the room. For many families, the sofa is their home’s prime seating area, meaning it’s subjected to plenty of wear and tear over the years. A simple vacuuming and deodorizing treatment can make a difference, but don’t stop there. Replace sagging pillows with fresh stuffing, reupholster worn fabric, and throw on some new accent pillows to really polish it up.

Add some plants

mini owls plants

What better way to liven up a room than by, literally, adding more life to it? House plants are not only pleasant to look at, but they can also lift our moods and clean the air. Find a few small potted plants and place them around your living room to your liking. Small plants are inexpensive yet can truly help transform a room.

Change up the lighting

nordic lights new
As you ponder ways to update your living room, pay attention to both the quantity and quality of the lighting. In the winter, when days are shorter and darker, we need more artificial light to make up for the lost daylight. In the spring and summer we can be a bit more flexible with our choice of lighting. An easy way to transform the room is simply to replace your lighting fixtures. If that’s too much of an ask, try just replacing your lamp shades. These subtle changes can go a long way.


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It’s not too early to get a head start on your spring cleaning. Decluttering is not only free, but it also helps give fresh life to a room. Get rid of old magazines, unimportant mail, and any toys, trinkets, or other items that no longer serve you and your family. You might be amazed at how much more inviting and comfortable your living room will appear after a good tidying session.